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Success Stories

Here are some samples of testimonials from our happy clients. Whilst everyone's specific goals, level of fitness, commitment and motivation is different, we hope that these testimonials help to inspire you with what is possible with the right health coach helping you along the way. 

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"I decided that I needed to see someone about changing my body shape and just a general refresher about what I wanted to achieve out of my gym work. John's kind coaching style and high level of expertise gave me the motivation and encouragement to achieve the desired results. I found his exercises to be really exciting and fun and easy to do both at the gym and at home rather than restricting myself to one place. He has a 'can-do' attitude that helps you push yourself to achieve and puts you in control of your own health."

Louise Smith

"I am so glad I started working with John. I'd had back surgery and did not have the confidence to exercise anymore. John has helped me get back to riding my horses. He assessed every aspect of my health from my sleep patterns, spine strength and mobility through to my nutrition and water intake. Nothing was left to chance. As a result I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been I cannot recommend John enough. Truly a life saver."

Ann Cooke